Next Generation Technology:

Cutting-edge, open technologies:
Built for web and mobile using the latest releases of open, standard technologies: Linux, Angular 7, Laravel 5

  • Massive scalability:
  • We utilize Amazon’s AWS EC2 & S3 infrastructure for high availability and instant scalability
  • Easy to integrate:
  • REST API architecture allows simple integration for clients and third-party services
  • Built for security:  Data secured with FIPS-140 compliant encryption algorithms and record-level policies for tight control over data at rest and in transit
  • Powerful User (and User Friendly) Experience:
  • Different levels of permission and user rules
  • Customizable and configurable to the business needs
  • Manual input or uploaded (large volume) requisition launch capabilities
  • Drag and drop creation and distribution of requirements to the supply chain
  • White Label Capabilities
  • AI Capabilities